Girls’ Freeride Sessions

All-Girls Off Piste Adventure with ZigZag

All-Girl Freeride Sessions

It’s time to let your hair down and enjoy some serious powder turns with like-minded ladies.

Join other fab females for of off piste ski and snowboard guidance with certified instructors and High Mountain Guides from ZigZag Ski School.

Research shows that male and female brains tend to learn motor skills and sporting techniques differently.  While men are more likely to jump in and go for it, learning by trial and error, women prefer to think things through, making links in their mind and pre-visualising something before they do it.

In our experience, the off piste environment can often bring out a competitive element in guys, whereas women often prefer to cooperate and help each other improve through mutual encouragement.  We keep this difference in attitude firmly in mind and tailor our Girls’ Freeride Sessions accordingly.

A few dates are already scheduled as shown below, but we can also schedule other dates upon demand with a minimum of 4 participants – get in touch if you’d like to book alternative dates!

Girls’ Freeride Sessions (ski or snowboard)
Thursday 11/01/18 – 4hrs (09h30-13h30)
Thursday 08/03/18 – 4hrs (09h30-13h30)

  • 60€ per person, minimum 4pers required
  • Intermediate level of off piste ski/snowboard ability required to participate
  • Participants should bring their own off piste ski/snowboard gear
  • Grand Massif ski pass required (not included)
  • Meeting at 09h30 at the ZigZag meeting point at Samoëns 1600m
  • ARVA, probe, shovel, backpack included for each participant

Contact the ZigZag office for further information or to reserve your place.

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