ESI medals and levels of ability

Select your current level of ability

  • When you categorise yourself or your children for lessons please be realistic – select a conservative estimate of current abilities, rather than the abilities you aspire to have.
  • Please note that all level descriptions should be used as guidelines only, as your instructors will analyse your level at the first lesson and re-grade participants as required.
  • If in doubt we recommend you start lower and be upgraded than vice versa.



Includes anybody who is new to skiing, plus those not yet able to manage a button lift alone.

I have achieved the Crystal International medal (or ESF Flocon) and am working towards my Bronze medal.

I have one or two weeks’ skiing experience and can take a button lift on my own. I can snowplough, stop, and turn with control on green and easy blue runs.
BRONZE level

I have achieved the Bronze medal (or ESF 1st star) and am working towards my Silver medal.

I am currently between snowplough and parallel. I can control your speed and balance on slightly bumpy slopes and are starting to ski parallel, though not all the time.
1ère étoile
SILVER level

I have achieved the Silver medal (or ESF 2nd star) and am working towards my Vermillion medal.

I can already do parallel, linked turns on smooth pistes and can stop neatly in a side-slip. I no longer resort to snowploughing at all.
2ème étoile

I have achieved the Vermilion medal (or ESF 3rd star) and am working towards my Gold medal.

I can do short and medium linked turns with total control, and can easily stop with my skis parallel whenever I want to. I ski very confidently on red and some easy black pistes. I am ready to start learning to carve.
3ème étoile
GOLD level

I have achieved the Gold medal (or ESF bronze star) and am working towards my Diamond medal.

I am already comfortable on small moguls and on all red runs and can perform basic carved turns using just the sharp edges of my skis.
Etoile de Bronze

I have achieved the Diamond medal (or ESF gold star) and would like to develop “professional” ski skills *

I am confident and in control on all kinds of slopes, with expert carving turns and speed control. I have no fear of moguls, steeps or ice.

*After the Diamond level there is heaps to learn but the children’s ESI medal system doesn’t stretch further. Children/teens at this level should be aware that they have outgrown the medal system and that they are now beginning “serious” ski training – their learning is just beginning.
Etoile d'Or
STEEP N FAST (open to experienced adolescent skiers aged 10 to 17 years who have achieved the Diamond medal (or ESF gold star).

Perfect for experienced teenagers looking for fun and a new challenge. This is the start of adventure skiing, with lessons on racing techniques, moguls, off piste and the beginnings of freestyle.

Participants must be confident, experienced skiers to take part, and must be willing to follow instructions as they will encounter more risky terrain. If conditions are right, they’ll start to learn powder skiing and be taught about avalanche awareness. Whatever the weather, teenagers will focus on perfecting their ski technique for ultimate control on all terrains.
TECHNICAL TOP UP (open to adult & adolescent skiers at Vermillion level or above)

Our Technical Top-up Clinics are designed specifically for experienced adult skiers interested in topping-up existing skills quickly and cheaply.Lessons run weekly on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from (14.00-16.30h).
BEGINNERIt is my first time skiing, or I have just a few hours’ experience
LEVEL A1I can do snowplough turns but I need to build confidence
LEVEL A2I am able to make parallel turns on blue slopes
LEVEL A3I ski 100% parallel on red slopes, with confidence
LEVEL A4I ski confidently over all terrain including off piste

Level A4 skiers may like to consider taking part in our Technical Top Up clinics.

BEGINNERIt is your first time snowboarding, or you have a few hours’ experience.
LEVEL 1You can put on and take off your equipment alone
You can move around easily on the flat and stand up unassisted
You can do “falling leaf” and stop
You can use a button lift
LEVEL 2You have passed Level 1
You can do frontside and backside turns on blue and red slopes
You can comfortably use button lifts and chairlifts
LEVEL 3You have passed Level 2
You can snowboard on red and black slopes
You can do basic “fakie” turns
You can do “ollies” and 180’s
LEVEL 4You have passed Level 3
You can confidently ride challenging red and black slopes
You can ride all terrain and want to challenge yourself on new terrain
You can perform jumps and tricks and want to challenge yourself

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