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Weekly group coaching for local children

ZigZag Ski Club Samoens

The ZigZag Ski Club Spirit

– Inclusivity, not exclusivity. Our club is open to anyone and everyone who’d like to take part, and we aim to give equal attention to each child, regardless of their level of ability.  We aim to nurture every child’s love for skiing.

– All-round excellence.  We aim to teach children to ski well in all conditions and over all types of terrain.  If there’s fresh snow, we’ll go exploring off-piste.  If they’re keen to jump, we’ll teach some tricks.  If the children want to go fast, we’ll set some gates and teach them racing techniques.  The main aim is to learn, and to have a great time doing it.  We aim to produce great little skiers.

– Safety first.  We aim to teach a high level of respect for the mountain environment.  Children will be educated about avalanche safety, ski etiquette and what to do if there’s an accident.  Older children will be taught how to use up-to-date avalanche safety equipment, along with an understanding of snow conditions and avalanche risks as they’ll become more interested in all terrain and off-piste skiing.  We aim to produce responsible, educated skiers.

– Challenging.  Ski Club kids are usually regular skiers with parents who’re capable skiers themselves.  We aim to teach your children things you cannot teach them yourself and to take them places you can perhaps not reach yourself.  Our team is made up of professional experts, so your children will learn the right way, right from the beginning.  You’ll be astounded by the things they’re capable of.

Pricing & Hours

During the 2021 winter season the ZigZag Ski Club will run on Saturday afternoons from Samoëns 1600m.


Ski Club ZigZag 2021

15 x 2.5hr lessons
Saturdays (14h00-16h30) at Samoëns 1600m
First session Sat 02/01/21
Final session Sat 10/04/21
Cost 340€/child

Meeting points : Samoëns 1600m or at the bottom of the Grand Massif Express cable car

Pricing & Hours

This winter we’ll again be running a Snowboard Club from Samoëns 1600m.   Coached by an elite professional snowboard athlete, beginners and experts will have the chance to develop their riding skills right here in the Grand Massif.


ZigZag Snowboard Club 2021

15 x 2.5hr lessons
Saturdays (14h00-16h30)
First session Sat 02/01/21
Final session Sat 10/04/21
Cost 340€/child

Tiny Tots Ski Club

For children aged from 3 to 6 years, we run a Tiny Tots Ski Club.  These lessons offer a higher instructor to student ratio and shorter lesson time for younger children.  The idea is to provide an intensive introduction for total beginners during the Christmas week, which we can then continue to build on all season.


Tiny Tots “Christmas Kickstart” week 2020* 

5 x 1.5hr group lessons for beginners aged 3 to 6yrs
Sat 19/12 – 1,5hrs (12h30-14h00)
Sun 20/12 – 1.5hrs (12h30-14h00)
Mon 21/12 – 1.5hrs (12h30-14h00)

Tues 22/12 – 1.5hrs (12h30-14h00)
Wed 23/12 – 1.5hrs (12h30-14h00)
Cost 100€/child

*NB this product is reserved exclusively for children intending to participate in the Tiny Tots Saturday Ski Club

Tiny Tots Ski Saturday Club 2021

15 x 2hr lessons
Saturday morning group* (09h30-11h30)
Saturday afternoon group* (14h00-16h00)
First session Sat 02/01/21
Final session Sat 10/04/21
Cost 260€/child

*A minimum of 4 participants will be required to validate a morning/afternoon group

ZigZag Freeride Ski Club

This year we’re offering a new option for advanced adolescent skiers who are keen to improve their skills off piste.  Our Freeride Club is 100% off-piste oriented and designed to teach advanced youths how to ski all kinds of terrain in a safe and educated manner.

Riding hard and fast is one thing, but skiing advanced terrain like an educated professional is another.  We aim to develop personal and environmental awareness, courtesy and care for others, responsibility and reactivity.  The Freeride Club will potentially participate in freeride events in other resorts and a special season schedule will be developed by the coach in consultation with participants and parents.

New coaches will be on hand this year, bringing with them an entirely fresh new approach!

Participants must have already achieved the Diamond Crystal medal (or ESF Etoile d’Or) and should be equipped with skis suitable for skiing off piste.  ZigZag will provide avalanche safety equipment including ARVA avalanche beacon, shovel and probe.


ZigZag Freeride Ski Club 2021

15 x 3.5hr sessions
Saturdays (13h00-16h30)
First session Saturday 02/01/21
Final session Saturday 10/04/21
Cost 400€ per participant

Meeting points : Samoëns 1600m or at the bottom of the Grand Massif Express cable car

Ski Club Package Options

Saturday Ski Club3 to 17yrs of age, participants must be able to ride a button lift aloneSaturdays 14h00-16h301502/01/2110/04/21340€
Tiny Tots Saturday Ski Club3-6yrs of age, participants must be able to ride a button lift aloneSaturdays (09h30-11h30) or (14h00-16h00) 1502/01/2110/04/21260€
Tiny Tots Christmas Kickstart WeekFrom 3yrs, no experience required5 x 1.5hr lessons (12h30-14h00)5Sat 19/12/20Wed 23/12/20100€
Snowboard ClubFrom 8yrsSaturdays 14h00-16h301502/01/2110/04/21340€
Freeride ClubParticipants must have achieved the Diamond medalSaturdays 13h00-16h301502/01/2110/04/21400€

Enrolling more than one person?

Digressive pricing now makes it easier for families!

2nd participant = 5% off

3rd participant = 10% off

4th participant = 10% off

Additional participants = 10% off


Contact Us

If you have questions or would like to enroll your child in the ZigZag Ski Club, please email us with details including:

  • Parents’ names
  • Children’s names & birthdates
  • An invoicing address
  • A home telephone number
  • One or more emergency contact numbers
  • A description of previous ski experience (if any)
  • Please also state which Ski Club package you’d like to purchase


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