Why you should try snowboarding in the Grand Massif

Snowboard school in Samoens

Snowboarding, an addictive winter sport

For accomplished skiers, snowboarding becomes a new challenge, you will be back at the beginner status and it will be interesting to discover the ski area you may already know in a different way. Of course, sometimes you can feel frustration if something isn’t happening as you’d wish. It should motivate rather than paralyze you. There is much more to snowboarding than we realize just by looking at someone riding on a snowboard down the slope.

Most of the people we see on the slopes are skiing, maybe you have been skiing yourself in the past, wondered how snowboarding feels like? It’s time to give it a try then!

Should we take lessons?

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced skier or if you are new to all kind of winter sports, the experience will be much more fun and safe if you have an instructor to teach you. Snowboarding for beginners is challenging and the potential for injury is high, but it can be fun if done correctly.

Trying snowboard for the first time shouldn’t be just hiring a board and just giving it a go, to fully appreciate the experience, having an instructor teaching you the basics will make snowboarding an amazing experience. Here at ZigZag we have a very diversed team of instructors, some of our instructors teach only ski, some only snowboard and others like to teach both. If you choose to have snowboarding lessons with us, we guarantee to give you an expert instructor who loves snowboard !

The key to learning to snowboard is keep trying and it will suddenly click into place. It generally takes three lessons to get confident on a board and start going down the slope comfortably and linking your turns, the longer you practice and the more confidence you gain.

Our team features skilled instructors who utilize small group sizes, games and fun to help partipants develop more confidence on the snow and improve their techniques. We teach snowboard from age 4  all the way to adulthood, ZigZag’s team of professional instructors is ready to show you and your family what this amazing mountain sport is all about. There are options for both group and private lessons.

Is it worth the effort?

Learning to ride will take work, and a willingness to return to that awkward “beginner” status. But many people have found that the rewards are worth the trouble. Maybe you’ll be one of them.

On the plus side, as anyone who has ever worn snowboard boots will tell you, they definitely do not want to wear ski boots again. The much lighter shoes are certainly more comfortable than the heavy, hard boot for skiers. Plus, doing up your snowboard boots is also easier, it is almost like tying shoelaces, and done!

Snowboarding is a thrilling activity and a great workout, you might feel a bit tired at the end of the day, but it’s worth it.

And what about the experienced snowboarders?

You can book a session with one of our instructor whether it is to improve your on-piste snowboarding technique, discover untouched terrain with an off-piste snowboard session or even have a go at freestyle and jumps. If you are looking to build your backcountry experience, the ZigZag snowboard team offers backcountry guiding and education for the more advanced riders out there.

Snowboarding is a very technical sport. Even when you master its basics, there are many paths you can progress down and a lot of things to learn.  Don’t get comfortable with what you already know, you’ll miss the satisfaction that comes from learning new things.

The ZigZag difference :

  • Passionate instructors and snowboard lovers
  • Engaging, English speaking instructors
  • Small group lessons, 8 participants maximum, guaranteed!
  • Compassionate instruction and guidance available for those lacking confidence
  • Top of the line ‘ARVA’ brand equipment lent free of charge to each participant (shovel, probe, avalanche beacon, backpack)

To book your next snowboarding experience in the Grand Massif simply contact us at the ZigZag booking office by telephone on +33631204410 or via the button below.

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