Confidence Booster Programme

Build your ski confidence with an innovative two-tier coaching package

Boost Ski Confidence with an Innovative Coaching Programme

Overcome your fear, increase your ski confidence and transform your skiing with ZigZag Ski School. 

If you’re feeling anxious or nervous about skiing, ZigZag Ski School’s experts are on hand with tools and specially targeted instructional techniques to help you conquer your fears and feel at ease on the slopes.

You may feel you’ve never fully mastered the technical basics, or perhaps you’re returning to the slopes after a skiing injury, an accident, a traumatic ski experience or just a long break since your last ski holiday.  Maybe having children has kept you off the slopes for a number of years.  Much of skiing is about confidence and it can be difficult for friends and family who are competent skiers to understand how stressful the experience can be if you’re feeling anxious.


ZigZag Ski School, based in Samoëns, can now offer you a powerful two-tiered solution.  You’ll begin with a personalised off-snow coaching session designed to support a greater sense of inner calm and stability.  Step two is an on-snow private ski lesson led by a specially trained ski instructor who’ll adapt the lesson to your level of ability and specific concerns. Our goal is for you to develop your self-confidence and resilience and to ski away smiling.


STEP ONE : Better understand your fears with an off-snow coaching session

Your off-snow coaching session will be led by an experienced mindfulness coach, Sally-Anne Airey, herself a skier, who understands how debilitating fear and anxiety can be.  She will gently explore the source of your particular concerns with you and share enabling strategies, tools and techniques for overcoming them.  This session will help you to arrive at your on-snow coaching session feeling calm and well prepared.


STEP TWO : Develop your on-snow ski confidence with techniques provided by a professional ski instructor

Step two is a focused private ski or snowboard lesson to be held immediately after your coaching session and led by a specially trained instructor from ZigZag Ski School.  The instructors who teach these lessons are particularly interested in working with nervous skiers and have undertaken specific training to increase their understanding of the physical effects of emotions such as fear and anxiety.  Participating instructors are also selected for their innate patience, sympathy, kindness and good humour.

We prefer to schedule Confidence Booster lessons over lunchtime, when the slopes are quietest.  Your instructor will focus on developing your ability to feel confident on the snow and gently address any specific fears you might be facing.    Your lesson will be tailored to your specific needs, with the aim of teaching you techniques that will help you to ski on your own with more ease, control and flow.  Your instructor’s vast experience will help to ensure the experience is positive and uplifting.

Our Confidence Booster Programmes each comprise a coaching session with Sally-Anne Airey, followed by a focused private ski lesson on the same day.  Single-day and 3-day programmes are available.

If you’d simply like to improve your ski confidence with a focused private lesson, a simple lesson or two with one of ZigZag’s specialist instructors is a great place to start.

Light Confidence Booster Session* (instruction only)
One 2hr private ski or snowboard lesson with a specialised instructor
Cost 120€ per person
For a moderate confidence top-up, we offer on-snow tuition coupled with off-snow coaching to explore tools to help overcome mental barriers that can inhibit our skiing.
Book a one-off coaching/skiing combo session to begin exploring your fears and working on techniques to manage them.

Single Confidence Booster Combo* (coaching + instruction)
One 2hr coaching session plus one 2hr focused private lesson
Cost 250€ per person

For more deeply-rooted anxieties, we recommend a course of three combo sessions during your stay.

3-Day Confidence Booster Package* (coaching + instruction)
3 x 2hr coaching sessions plus 3 x 2hr focused private lessons
Cost 690€ per person


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