Private ski lessons / Private snowboard lessons

Bespoke private tuition tailored perfectly to you

Private ski lessons / Private snowboard lessons

Our private ski lessons and private snowboard lessons are bespoke tuition tailored perfectly to you.

At ZigZag, we handpick our team from a pool of the most highly qualified instructors in the world.  ZigZag’s English speaking instructors will help you achieve your goals as quickly and simply as possible, whatever your level of ability.

In private ski lessons, you’ll enjoy the full attention of an English speaking instructor who will develop your strengths and focus on improving your weaknesses.  With private ski lessons or snowboard coaching, first timers, intermediates and experts alike will progress rapidly with 100% of their instructor’s attention.

ZigZag instructors also have lift queue priority, so you get to jump the queue during your lesson time.

We recommend you book in advance for private ski lessons and private snowboard lessons, especially if you want to request a specific instructor.

Confidence boosting is one of our specialties and with a supportive approach, timid or first-time skiers will be gently challenged to achieve things they didn’t realise they were capable of.

In private ski lessons, advanced skiers will thrive under the challenges presented by our elite trainers, who’ll push you to technically develop precision skills on and off piste.

If you’ve skied for years, private ski lessons will improve your style and modernise your technique, which may have become a bit rusty!

Private family lessons are also great fun for  parents who’d like to ski with their children.

We generally run three sessions per day, but hours are flexible and scheduled according to demand, so get in fast to reserve your preferred hours, or to request your favourite instructor!

  • Morning session (09h15-11h45)
  • Midday session (12h00-14h30)
  • Afternoon session (14h45-17h15) *in December and January the lifts close earlier so this session runs from (14h00-16h30)

During off-peak periods we offer heavily reduced rates in the afternoons, allowing you to enjoy ZigZag’s usual top quality tuition at rock-bottom rates.  You won’t find better value for money anywhere in the region!

Our Super Value Sessions run for two hours and are available from 14h30 (or 15h00 depending on the period of your stay) onwards every day.  1-4pers can share a fixed-rate price of just 110€ for two hours of private coaching (the price is fixed at 110€ whether one, two, three or four people take part).

We strongly recommend that those sharing a private lesson should have a similar level of ability, as the instructor will be required to teach the lesson at the speed and level of the weakest participant.

Private ski lessons are priced according to the number of people taking part, starting at 60€/hr.  During off-peak periods, our “Super Value” afternoon sessions offer especially great value for money!

valid daily from 14h30
during off-peak weeks
1 pers180€60€120€140€110€260€360€460€
2 pers70€130€150€
3 pers80€150€160€
4 pers90€170€170€
+1 participant+25€+10€+20€+25€+50€+50€+50€

– High season rates valid 16/02/20 – 22/02/20
– All participants of a private lesson should share a similar level of ability, shared lessons will run at the level of the weakest participant
– Prices are listed per lesson (not per person)

I definitely recommend this school. We used it for the second year, and for sure next year we will repeat. The school itself is customer oriented, trying their best to accommodate the Client´s needs. The teacher, Marilisa, has been able to teach technically our daughter, and at the same time to grant her an awesome blend between self-confidence, respect for the mountain and love for skiing. Bye bye, see you next February! – Papunz – February 2019

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