What to Expect Whitewater Rafting in Samoens

An exciting adventure for the whole family!

4 Things to Expect from your Samoens Rafting Adventure

If you haven’t tried rafting before it can be hard to know what it all entails.  Here’s an idea of what you can expect:

1 : Get outdoors and enjoy epic landscapes

With an experienced guide at the helm, rafters have the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling ride on the Giffre river.  Our tours allow you to enjoy the great landscapes of the Giffre Valley, from the scenic view of the picturesque village of Sixt Fer-A-Cheval, through the impressive Gorges de Tines, you will will always be surrounded by the beautiful mountains of our valley.  On a white water rafting trip you will see the valley from a totally different perspective!

2 : Expect to get soaked!

Once thing is for sure when embarking on a rafting boat.. you will get wet!  Rafting is an ideal activity on a hot summer’s day, allowing you to cool down when temperatures soar.  If you’re looking for a wet weather activity in Samoens,  rafting is the answer! It’s raining outside but you needn’t spend the day inside; just slip on a wetsuit to make the most of every minute of your time in Samoens.

3 : Fun and Games

Rest assured that while descending the river there will be with an experienced Guide in charge of each boat, not only to take care of all of your needs and to get you down the river safely, but also to encourage you to ride the rapids, bump into rocks and let the waves shake everyone onboard !

Experienced Guides know how to read the water so well they can make it down without their crew even paddling, but where would the fun in that?  Guides are also trained to get maximum fun out of the river with minimal effort charging into big waves and soaking their crew.

During the quieter sections of the river, your Guide won’t hesitate to take the time to play some games with you; testing your balance standing up on the raft and encouraging much fun and silliness (someone is guaranteed to fall in!).

4 : Paddle (of course!)

Rafting is a team sport that requires everyone to be involved to make a successful trip.  Everyone paddles, everyone carries boats, everyone eats together, and everyone succeeds or fails together.  It is the perfect team building and family bonding adventure.

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