Ski Accidents – How to Help

How to React When a Ski Accident Occurs

What to do when a ski accident occurs

When a ski accident happens in front of you, knowing how to react appropriately in the moment is vital.   The experts recommend the following:

  • Do not move the accident victim as you may cause further injury
  • Secure the accident zone to ensure the victim is protected from further injury
  • Plant a pair of skis in the snow in an X shape 5-10m above the injured person to alert other skiers to the accident zone
  • Alert the safety patrol. You can do this by alerting lift staff or any ski instructor, or call the safety patrol directly yourself.  The number will appear on any resort piste map.  In the Grand Massif, the safety patrol is contactable using the following numbers:
    • For accidents in the Flaine area : +33450908058
    • For accidents in the Les Carroz area : +33450900042
    • For accidents in the Samoëns, Morillon and Sixt areas : +33450344205
    • Otherwise you can call the general emergency services number 112
    • If you’re not sure which number will work, call any of these numbers and you’ll be transferred to the appropriate service
  • When reporting a ski accident, you’ll be required to communicate important information including the accident site (the piste name and number of the piste marker located closest to the victim), the nature of the injury, the approximate age, sex and language spoken by the victim. This information will allow the rescue service to arrive as quickly as possible with appropriate equipment.
  • Accident witnesses and the person who alerted the safety patrol are required to wait at the accident site until the safety patrol says they may leave, as further information may be required from you.

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