Heliski in Kyrgyzstan

Hard to spell, amazing to heliski

Kyrgyzstan heliski with ZigZag

Map credit Daniel Feher

So you’ve tried heliskiing in Europe, Canada, the United States and New Zealand… now you’re looking for a heliski adventure beyond the beaten track, somewhere new and exciting.  Heliskiing in Kyrgyzstan is the answer.

ZigZag high mountain guide Christophe takes heliski groups to Bishkek and into the Kingey Alatau mountain range on the Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan border in search of the world’s freshest heliski tracks.  Skiing on glaciers with an ex-Russian army helicopter capable of carrying 39 people as your primary mode of transport, Christophe will take you to places no-one you know has ever gone before.  Christophe chooses new heliski routes to suit your group’s level of ability and points the helicopter pilot to where he’d like to be dropped off.  Often, your tracks will be the only ones to mark a mountain face all winter long…

Staying near the Karakol military base, you’ll enjoy traditional Kyrgy accommodation and food during your stay.  With our Kyrgyzstani guide, Slava, accompanying your group for translation purposes, you’re in good hands.  Our 8-day heliski programme includes 6 days of heliskiing and two days of transport (which happens by helicopter too, of course).

For a video taken by last year’s group and more information about your next heliski experience in Kyrgyzstan, visit our heliski page.


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